Youth for Excellence Program

Y. f. E.

 Incorporated 501c3



Not A Church Program

Non Proselytizing

     Youth for Excellence (YfE) represents an effort by diverse citizens of Dagsboro and elsewhere in Sussex County who are concerned about the number of our young people who face academic or personal difficulties and who are in danger of sliding off the path of educational achievement and future success into a life of crime, addiction and dead-end jobs.

     YfE’s no-cost program consists of three components all which involve trained facilitators who reach out to and then provide academic and life enrichment to Sussex County youth 12-18 years of age. We teach a better way for our youth to reach their full potential by equipping them to make smarter lifestyle choices.


Through YfE, our youth will develop the knowledge and skills:


   A.  Resist drugs and alcohol use to decrease teen drug and alcohol addiction.

   B. Practice sexual abstinence / safe sex to decrease teen pregnancy and STDs.

   C. Earn High School Diploma to help decrease our school drop out rates.

   D. Prepare for College / Learn a Trade to increase job opportunities and   

         enhance local skills.

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